Virtual Career Fair

The WiMEF Virtual Career Fair attracts the nation's top talent looking to join companies that value diversity, equity, and inclusion. This event provides a streamlined and cost effective process for employers and job seekers to connect one-on-one from in a convenient, virtual platform.

Employers can preview candidate resumes, schedule chats, and conduct interviews, all while highlighting their company's job opportunities, workplace culture, and employee benefits with a customizable booth.

More than 300 job seekers will visit virtual employer booths, showcase their resumes, and engage with recruiters to find their ideal career opportunity.

August 15, 2024
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET

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Job Seeker Registration Opens July 8, 2024!

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contact Alana Lesnansky at [email protected]. 

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Why Participate?

Employer Benefits:

  1. Expanded reach and access to diverse talent:  Reach a larger and more diverse pool of talent beyond your local area, potentially attracting candidates for employment opportunities for locations nationwide.

  2. Cost-effective recruitment:  Eliminate expenses associated with travel, booth setup, and promotional materials. Connect with candidates from any location on any device!

  3. Brand exposure and employer branding:  Showcase your company's brand, culture and values through customizable virtual booths, spotlight add-ons and social media marketing options that help to attract top talent and enhance your employer brand.

  4. Data and analytics:  Access resumes and job seeker information before and after the event. Download reports such as attendee engagement, booth visits, and candidate interactions, to measure the success of recruitment efforts and continue follow-up with potential candidates.

  5. Showcase your jobs on WiMWorks:  Receive at least one complimentary job posting on our career board, WiMWorks and reach even more talented candidates.

Job Seeker Benefits:

  1. Accessibility and convenience:  Eliminate geographical barriers and connect with employers nationwide. There's no need to travel or worry about accommodation, and job seekers can participate from the comfort of their own homes, which reduces stress and expenses.

  2. Enhanced Visibility:   Job seekers can showcase their resumes, portfolios, and profiles to potential employers. This online presence can lead to increased visibility and attract recruiters who might not have come across their profiles otherwise.

  3. Efficient Networking:  One-on-one text chat and  video meetings enable job seekers to connect directly with employers, ask questions, showcase their abilities, and make a lasting impression—all without the limitations of physical distance.

  4. Career Resources:  Hear from career coaching professionals on how to prepare for the virtual career fair at a pre-event session. Access the WiMWorks Career Resource Hub and gain valuable insights into their desired fields, skills, and stay updated on industry trends.

     *All job seekers are welcome to participate in the WiM Virtual Career Fair, regardless of gender identity.

The Virtual Career Fair is held in partnership with:

SME is a nonprofit association of professionals, educators and students committed to promoting and supporting the manufacturing industry. SME helps manufacturers innovate, grow and prosper by promoting manufacturing technology, developing a skilled workforce and connecting the manufacturing industry. SME supports manufacturing based on our core belief: Manufacturing is key to economic growth and prosperity.

Supporting partner:

WVA is a nonpartisan organization. We partner with organizations that support the same mission of empowering women and/or veterans.   To endure we need strong partnerships with businesses, nonprofits, government, community groups, veteran service organizations, and individuals.

For more information, contact Alana Lesnansky at [email protected].