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Angela Gardner

Angela Gardner

Hill Electric

Professional Bio

Hill Electric is an industrial electrical contractor that has earned a reputation for safety and expertise in its 65 years in business. Gardner, who joined the firm a year ago, is navigating how to best market Hill Electric during the unprecedented pandemic, forging ahead with projects including revamping the website, coordinating photography sessions to capture storytelling moments, building relationships, and other branding efforts.

In her previous role as president of her family business, Donald A. Gardner Architects, she had to navigate the recession as a young executive. By the time she left in 2010, she increased revenues almost to the rate before the recession by cutting costs, improving efficiencies and pivoting to meet clients' needs. She also boosted brand identification and is working toward doing the same at Hill Electric. She has always been an advocate that it takes a team to accomplish greatness, according to her nominator, Brittany Farrar, an associate at CBRE. “Her beliefs are through being kind and showing empathy; it creates trust and respect that will never be taken away,” Farrar said.

She’s a believer in giving back: she co-founded the Women Construction Forum and is currently involved in Golden Strip Trail Board, CREW Upstate, Skilled Trade workforce development, and FAVOR Greenville. She has also served as a board or committee member for the Peace Center for the Performing Arts, Better Business Bureau (locally and nationally), Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association of Greenville. She regularly mentors students and young professionals in the construction industry and male-dominated roles, and as secretary of the Golden Strip Trail Board, has pushed to extend the Swamp Rabbit Trail through the Golden Strip.


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